The primary difference between the Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlet and WiFi Smart Outlet is the way the outlets communicate. Bluetooth Smart Outlets can only communicate over Bluetooth, while WiFi Smart Outlets communicate over both Bluetooth and WiFi. See the chart and information below to learn why this matters:

The Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlet communicates through Bluetooth when your connected phone or tablet is near the outlet, either when you open the Currant App or when it is running in the background. You can set up rules to turn your devices on and off on a schedule, monitor the energy you use, and get AI-powered suggestions to save energy. 

The Currant WiFi Smart Outlet has all the above functionality, plus it communicates over a connected WiFi network, enabling you to log in to the app and control your devices or view your energy usage data from anywhere in the world. WiFi Smart Outlets can also integrate with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and with Samsung SmartThings.

If you have at least one Currant WiFi Smart Outlet in your home or office, Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlets in the same location can communicate with the WiFi Smart Outlet and effectively bring all the same features and functionality to your Bluetooth Smart Outlets.

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