The Currant App provides a customizable experience by allowing you to see physical rooms and outlets represented on your phone screen. Here is a breakdown of how the physical features in your home or office might be categorized:

Locations: A location represents a single physical address. A typical customer might have a location called Home and another location called Work.

Rooms: Within a single location, you can have multiple rooms. These rooms can be called anything, such as Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom or Bathroom. Add an icon to personalize your rooms.

Outlets: Each Currant Smart Outlet plugs in to a single receptacle in your home, and has receptacles for two devices. 

Devices: These are the lights, appliances or other devices that you plug into Currant. Be sure to assign names and icons to your devices to easily distinguish between them in your app and when controlling them with a third party tool such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Each location can have up to 65,000 devices.

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