You can set a custom rate for your electricity in the Currant App by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Usage page of the App by tapping the Usage icon in the bottom bar of the App screen.

  2. On the Usage page (in either the pie chart or line graph display mode), tap the area on the chart where the total daily estimated cost of electricity is displayed (press on the $ sign or number). 

  3. On the page titled "Utility" tap the area titled "Change Provider" (red font)

  4. Tap on "Set a custom rate" under the field for entering your ZIP code. 

  5. Press the green "Save" bar and you're all set!

  6. The rate you entered should be reflected in the values that are displayed in the Usage page of the App.

The utility rates entered and shown in the App are meant to help approximate the cost of the electricity your devices consume, and don’t reflect any tiered or incentive rates offered by providers.

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