Currant Smart Outlets are now compatible with Samsung SmartThings! 

Follow these steps to get connected. Before you start, please ensure that you're near your Currant WiFi Smart Outlet and that your phone or tablet is on the same WiFi network.

  1. In the Samsung SmartThings app, tap on "Add device" and search for Currant.

2. Tap on Currant, then tap "Quick Setup".

3. Tap both physical buttons on the front of your Currant WiFi Smart Outlet at the same time. You have 5 minutes to do this. Once you tap on both buttons, the counter in the SmartThings app will stop and you will proceed to the next step.
Note: You'll only need to do this one to set up all your devices. Your phone or tablet needs to be on the same WiFI network as the Currant outlet for this to work. 

4. Tap on "Grant Access".

5. Once you see the success screen, tap "Done" to proceed to managing your Currant devices from SmartThings.

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