For safety guidance, please read the SAFETY section of the printed guidance located on the inside of the packaging sleeve in which you received your Currant Smart Outlet. You should not plug in electronic devices that are not intended to operate without supervision, and critical electrical devices such as life-support equipment and medical devices. 

See our safety guidelines:

• For indoor use only.
• DO NOT use in wet or damp areas.
• DO NOT exceed the recommended electrical ratings.
• DO NOT remove ground pin (middle pin), nor use with any ground adapter.
• DO NOT use with devices that should not be operated unattended.
• DO NOT use with medical or life support equipment.
• DO NOT use in locations with flammable gases or fumes.
• DO NOT clean with liquid; to clean, unplug from wall and wipe with dry cloth.
• Remote control of appliances may result in unintentional or automated activation of power.
• Disassembling the product or making repairs will void the warranty and risks electric shock. If you need service, please contact us.


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